Thursday, June 28, 2018

At my place of work, we have an internal complaints committee. As per the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law of 2013, every workplace has to have one, and we have one too. Being a member of it is no easy task I realise.

I am exposed to a couple of cases now, and I am yet to really feel ok with it. We recently wrapped the first case, and it didn't turn out well. We followed the procedure as mandated by the law only to realise that as a committee, we have limited power. I don't know if I should expect anything radical to happen, but we are not equipped to take much action.

On this case, after hearing versions from different parties, we couldn't resolve it as the versions were varied. While we did try suggesting action to both parties, I felt helpless, simply because justice really was not done. While we were trying to explain the conclusion of the case to the victim, it was just hopeless. Or beyond hopeless. It was suffocating! And because justice couldn't be done, it seemed that we were trying to portray the message - This is the way of the world. Get used to it. Although we were told that we did our best, by somebody who has seen much worse.

Yes, I have been harassed sexually, and I know other women who have been as well, and all of us describe it as horrible. Maybe, through the years, we have grown immune to it and that's shocking as well. But it does not take away the genuine feeling that women share to prevent this from happening. The reasoning that this is the way of the world is no logic at all!

Its tough!!

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