Saturday, June 23, 2018

I am in the mode of re-discovering and discovering Bangalore. And has it been lovely!!

I mention discovering coz, the roads where I frequented earlier, like years ago, have changed and drastically too. Last week, I visited an outlet of K C Das, wanted to drink some tea there. Surprisingly, the outlet was empty when I walked in, which surprised me. That place used to buzz with life when I used to visit it regularly.

Yes, the tea was good, one of the best places to have tea, and snacks in that area. We used to eat their samosas and vegetable cutlets and sweets of course occasionally when growing up. One thing about the shop (it's simple), is it showcases some art, pretty much all the time when I've gone there. Maybe, that's another reason for me to like K C Das, it has come culture to it, you know.

Coming back to this visit, I decided to pick some sweets to take back home. When trying to choose, during the conversation between the person who was to pack for me and myself, that guy said that he recollects me visiting the shop years ago with my father.

I am skeptic about what the person told me, I mean how will anybody remember! But that was a surprise!

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