Thursday, July 12, 2018

During daily travel

During my travel to and from to work, I pass a Parsee Tower of Silence. Maybe that's the only Tower of Silence for the entire city of Bengaluru. While the gate is always closed whenever I have observed, there is a board outside which says that entry is permitted for only Parsees. I don't know if a Fire Temple also has similar board outside it.

When I see the board at the Tower of Silence, the thought that instantly comes to my mind is that Parsees are conservative. I find any place of worship or any place identified with a particular religion which bars entry to others a little disconcerting. That is close-minded to me, but yes, the Tower of Silence is not a place of worship per say. I have read of cases where Parsee women married outside the community have to fight for their place within their society. That said, conservatism is prevalent in other religions as well. I have seen Hindu temples which indicates that only Hindus are allowed entry. But, i wonder how they regulate, unless one bears the marks of a caste/religion, or enters details into a register.

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