Sunday, August 30, 2015

on what I have been doing

Yes I am writing less these days. I totally forget about my blog for weeks together. And then one day, it occurs to me that I have a blog, and then i think of looking it up. Since the past few weeks, I have been thinking of looking my blog up, and today it was.

I have been reading more. I read more current affairs since more than a year now. I am also trying to understand economics. When I want to read I try to look for unbiased media which i think are very few. I avoid CNN and the US media which screams bias even through their headlines. I would say that the British media is better.

A week ago, I read on the farmer suicides in Karnataka. My eyes welled after reading a particular piece. After a couple of days, I was talking about caste-based reservations at work. The backdrop was the Patel community agitation in Gujarat. And the person with whom I was talking to was surprised when I said I support caste-based reservations and it has to be moderated in the light of misuse. I am of the view, that the forward classes of the society who do not have sufficient economic means should have some sort of reservations where the system can help them. The same day somebody posted a tired joke of how easy exam questions are for the reserved classes when compared to the general. I flared up a little and expressed my displeasure on the biased joke.

Having said all this, when we have an equal society where my education and my job prospects are at stake, in all probabilities, I will turn a hypocrite.

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