Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yes, it's been about 2 months that i've written here. I was thinking about closing my blog, shutting it down as i don't post often. But on second thought, i think it's ok to post rarely, assuming that somebody reads it. And i wouldn't want to delete something that's been there for more than 6 years or so.

I have been thinking about this. I think live-in relationships are totally fine. The basic necessity of a marriage is companionship and the blind trust that the spouse will remain faithful that a marriage 'calls for'. It's the same blind trust that works in a live-in relationship too. A marriage simply 'authenticates' a live-in relationship which is not really necessary. But, is the authentication required when we have a society which is rigid. And as i like to put, a society is 'not exactly essential' and 'am not bothered by it'.

When i call the society around me 'not exactly essential', then another question poses itself before me. Having human societies for centuries and centuries, it's always been there. I guess, one of the factors aiding the evolution of mankind has been establishing societies. I recollect having read about it during school and it makes sense to me now as well. Hence, i can't really say that the society around me is 'not exactly essential'.

I'm not sure if there is a line that i can draw between the society and me, and if at all there is any possibility at all. Moreover, when an elderly lady in the neighborhood asks about me when she hasn't seen me around, i don't think i can at all. It's just varied opinions.

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Shruthi Hegde said...

I suggest you not to think of closing your blog. At times, when you want to look back and read what you have written makes you feel good!