Thursday, October 15, 2015

I was in meeting all day today. Initially it was ok, but as the day worn on, started being restless. Got a notepad and a pencil from a friend and was sketching different people's backs for passing time. As usual the back-portraits that I sketched were bad. When I was learning drawing, as much as I wanted to do good portrait sketches, I couldn't. I don't remember if I did spend considerable time learning it. Guess, I was disappointed at not making headways and began to try out other media like watercolours.

I developed a fondness towards watercolours when I was attending painting classes at a place in Basavanagudi. And started improving my techniques. I wish I can paint watercolours. You might have already read a couple of times here.

Now, coming to what happened at today's meeting. Did a few sketches. Then I went on to show the paintings I have here to a few friends sitting beside me. When I was doing this, people sitting behind me also had a peek on my phone.

What I am will say further is completely on another topic. I was reading something on the the Indian President's current visit to Israel and Palestine. And i also tried to read on Syria. But the cellular network inside the room where the meeting was held was so poor, that my plan of catching up on my reading went for a toss.

Would it be very superficial if I said that the kind of life that a person leads is a factor of where he is born and is something over which he has no control over? Actually, when one ponders on it, a human being is born who develops an identity and a character as she/ grows into a person. People have no control over their birth, as it is humans that are born and not people.

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