Friday, September 13, 2013

People ask me whether i don't miss home. Considering that India is not in the neighbourhood of western Europe. Of course, i miss home, but not desperately. Yes, there are instances where i so want to be home, but those are a few. Thanks to the internet, i see my folks regularly and talk to them.

Home is always there. I can go there anytime i want and still nothing's changed much. Both the people and the place. The red-oxide floor, the well and my room. Amma asking us what we'd like for breakfast or the sit-down dinners. I do understand that things will change, but you do get my point, don't you?

I remember  the first few times i traveled to Bengaluru from Mysuru. The first thing that i would do was to go around the house to see if everything was the same. I had the impression that i would find things different when i went home. You know, you are not in that place and somehow you tend to think that the table in your room is by the window or not. Then i realized that things will be as they were, that table stays where it always has. I guess this knowledge comforts me to a huge extent.

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