Monday, September 16, 2013

I don't know why people of the older generations (my parents and their parents) even had the number of children they had. I simply can't think of any reason. I understand i'm writing on something that i've written about before. The reasons could be plain ignorance or the lack of knowledge. Even when there's no proper food or roof over the family? To see an infant die due to the lack of medical facilites? I don't know.

I saw Calcutta 71 today. Abject poverty and still four kids. Is it really the strong need to have kids? To have another being of one's own flesh and blood, to gain fulfillment when you see your kid playing in front of you? In that case, a couple of kids are fine, i think. I can't figure it out. Maybe i'm immature and it's early for me to think about these things.

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AJEYA RAO said...

True. I would think it is because of lack of birth control methods in those days.