Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I would like Hinduism to be defined by the kind of life we lead, and not by the Gods we are supposed to worship, or by the traditions, rituals that are sometimes thrust on us. As i have written on previous occasions, those traditions that make sense and if it does good, i definitely welcome it. But not the innumerable additions that decorate our lifestyle. I admit i sound selfish when i use the word good, but what else do we ask for when we pray?

Diverging slightly, all our systems are primarily built on this thought. We all want goodness in our lives, from A to Z, throughout our lifetimes. Similarly, even animals could (or rather, should) think along these lines. Should - because, again, no animal would not want harm in it's way. We are able to think it out and express it, while they can or can't (I'm not abreast with the latest on animal psyche and psychology).

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