Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When studying in Mysuru, celebrating a birthday was quite a big event. Especially when a lot of outsiders were present amongst us. We would wait for sweets to be distributed around, often pestering the person celebrating her/his birthday to hurry with the process. As the day wore on, some of us would visit a bakery to buy a cake.

The birthday person would cut the cake amidst the birthday song being sung and photos being captured. I had assumed the role of cutting the cake into even pieces. The knife was usually passed to me, while eager hands waited to grab slices of yummy cake. Within minutes, every crumb would have been eaten and swallowed.

Birthdays of professors were celebrated too. With huge cards bought for the occasion, and with each of us having written him a greeting.

My friends complain to this day that they received small pieces as i was biased. Nobody believes them, i doubt whether they themselves believe. They were the ones who always made away with huge chunks of cake.

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Anonymous said...

I love cake and not only on occasion...anytime..my mouth is watering..