Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The weather in Bengalooru has really gone haywire. It's supposed to be cool in September. The monsoon is supposed to have ended. Now, the sun scorches, drying every bit of damp surface.

If September were to be like this, imagine the next summer, starting from the month of March. Who said that Bengalooru had salubrious climate running throughout the year, when the summers are never really hot. We are talking of a few years ago, here, that was then.

I just hope that the heat does not become oppressive, if it already hasn't.

Ecologists from the developing world have a valid point here. The developed nations are to be blamed. Mostly. They expelled noxious fumes since decades, and yet are not affected as much developing countries are. Since the cause can be pretty clearly pinpointed in the direction of these advanced nations, they should contribute the most in trying to alleviate this damage. Which is quite practical. After all they have the resources.

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