Sunday, September 13, 2009

We had Computer Science in fourth sem, M.Sc. The same old input, ouput languages, introduction to programming languages was part of the curriculum. Aren't we all taught this stuff in primary school? We were studying for an M.Sc degree and we were to answer questions like 'What is a MODEM, how does it function?' Wow!

The only interesting bit was that it was held in the Department of Computer Science, where nobody knew us. It was fun, making trips to this Department in our vehicles. You know, some twenty two-wheelers speeding towards the other end of the University campus. This lady who was assigned to take class for us was new and hardly had any experience. I pity her, for she withstood all our pranks, the nonchalent air that we carried with us and the disinterest we showed.

We did everything we could. There was not a single class when i paid good attention. We slept, read novels, talked, text messaged each other, scanned through Lodish, drew caricatures, the like.

There was this incident. I was sitting in the last row, and was feeling very sleepy and slept. I had a undisturbed nice nap for fifteen to twenty minutes. I woke up and yawned to find everybody staring at me, including the lecturer. I wondered why. Sleeping in class was nothing new to us. After class, i was told that S (who sat beside me) was questioned as to why i was sleeping. S sincerely replied that i was unwell. That was when i woke up and stretched myself, like i had no care in this world.

I don't know whether the lecturer (bless her) believed S or not. I don't think the story was accepted.

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VENU VINOD said...

yes you are higher education level, most of the topics in the syllabus are irrelevent, which is why students face this sort of situations...nice experience :)