Thursday, September 17, 2009

according to you

How am i related to you? How is somebody related to me? What impressions do i have on you? Are they of the favorable or the nasty kind?

To think of my effect on you is somehow not viable enough. To think of the 'real' me according to you. Does it matter? I would like to say that it does. Well, at times. When the necessity arises. Or simply, when you want to ponder about it. Contemplating on the same is not feasible. One just reflects on the shadows of those thoughts which appear now and then.

Nevertheless, they appear useful. It might be possible to glean something from the trash. Tit-bits on one's behaviour will come to light, whether i did the right thing or not? Can i do this or not? Will it be alright on my part to do it? How might the recipient react to it?

We meet a variety of people each day. People with different frames of mind. People with different approaches to one single idea. Out of this entire lot, we choose them who fall along our lines. Relationships change over time. Or we assume it to. We are attracted or repelled by a second person. False notions, perhaps. And we allow them to rule our tongue. Terrible.

There are many things to be considered in this wide world of ours. At times ideas come back. What i thought of years ago surfaces presently, giving me the notion that some scenes from the mind are enacted amidst us. Perhaps, that's the reason why the mind roams. Posing questions to imageries, fueling them in the process? What would happen if i were to meet this person after a long time? What would we talk? Would we comprehend each other, at least to some extent?

They say, you never your tomorrow. To run this occurrence through one's mind hoping that it might take place in real. Sometime, in the future. But, one has to contain.

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