Saturday, September 05, 2009

in the air and on the ground

Is it that boys are generally more easy going than girls my age. Or am i being too generic here? Somehow i get this thought when i speak to my friends. They seem to be so carefree when it comes to appearances and with the way they talk with others. Like they don't have a worry in this wide world. But this is very shallow, really. Nevertheless they do maintain the debonair look on their countenances. Whereas girls, i think that their faces cannot portray this. Atleast this is what i have observed being amidst friends from both sexes.

Of late, i get this thought that i too should wear a breezy look. And speak in such fashion, lighthearted talk which hardly touches the ground. Have the blitheness surrounding my persona.

It'll be difficult for me, to just change my attitude, something's that's been ingrained in me since the past few years. I don't think i can, and would i really want it? I think not. People would think me to be crazy.

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