Monday, September 07, 2009

Ganesha and music

This year's Ganesha Habba was no different. We staying in the central part of Bengalooru subjects us to many Ganesha processions. We see one every other night, with the drummers (tamte) and dancers in full swing, flashy lights, adorning an idol of the God on a truck. This is the usual scene, with additions if one has collected more money.

The music that's played on these days, can jar one's ears. Only the songs of one film (be it good or bad) have to be playd. So much so that irritation mounts within, and all the windows are closed lest the words of that dreadful song reach you. And, it so seems that i'll be humming the same song without my knowledge.

This year's pick is Raj (the showman), quite obviously. Nothing can surpass Raj in terms of the number of times it's played throughout the streets, blaring from loudspeakers. Ganesha season lasts over a month, i wouldn't know when a new shamiana springs up in the road next to mine.


Srik said...

Let Rajyotsava celebrations start!!

mouna said...

illi, ganesha matte rajyotsava habbagaLannu ottige maaDthare, aha! bhayankara vaagirutte!