Sunday, September 20, 2009

the island of dr. moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau
H. G. Wells

A short book that i picked a year ago. It's a work of fiction on science, biology to be specific. It's one amongst others like The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine. The author himself was a Bachelor of Science, though he obtained his doctorate in Literature.

The movie is told by Prendick. Lady Vain, the boat in which he set sail is wrecked. He is saved by another ship, the Ipecacuanha in which Montgomery is travelling. The deck of this ship is filled by cages and boxes containing beasts. Montogomery is in charge of them and does not explain their presence to Prendick. They alight or rather are thrown onto an island south of Africa. Here Montogomery introduces the scientist Dr. Moreau, under whom he works to the reader. Dr. Moreau is strange and experimented on animals in London. The other scientists object to the weird kind of work that Moreau practises. He, hence, relocates to the island where nobody disturbs him.

Prendick lands on Dr. Moreau's island as he has nowhere else to go. Dr. Moreau worked on the transfusion of blood from different animals since his London days. His research came to a stop there, which he continued here and he had created animals which were half dog-half human, half leopard-half human types. These hybrids called him the Creator and has certain stringent Laws set by the him. Prendick on realising this, assumes that he'll be experimented on next and tries to flee the island. He is caught by the scientist and is assured that he will not he harmed when on the island by the other two.

The 'things' as Prendick terms the beasts are prevented from reverting to their beastly manners by Moreau and Montgomery. The three then realise some things had tasted blood and according to the Laws of Moreau, they are punished. After this incident, the Cheetah-Man kills Moreau. Prendick announces himself as the new Creator in order to control the things. Montogomery and he realises that most animals have been regaining their animal instincts.

Montogomery is also killed and is eaten. A scared Prendick is left alone in the island. He build himself a shelter is a remote part of the island where no beast can attack him. After having waited unfruitfully for a ship to rescue him, he builds himself a raft and floats on it in an unknown direction until he is picked up and led into civilization.

This is the gist of the novel. The language shines at times. It's quite OK for a sci-fi. Provided you have the patience to read through some pages which reads slow.

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