Monday, August 10, 2009

lives - your's and mine

I have to confess, Aruns's post made me put this up.

Life, as it were, is the same with respect to everyone. Isn't it? Ignoring the kind of personalities we possess, the money we make, the houses we reside in, the family and friends who care for us, the food we eat, the other things that we do; from being the CEO of a company to being a sculptor.

Don't we all do similar things, grow, lose our innocence, educate ourselves, try to differentiate the good from the bad, earn, get married, rear kids, and then old age, and we go back to the earth. Isn't the cycle common for everyone. I'm being very generic here, and i think it's fine by me to generalize things.

If one, per say, proceeds along these lines, then life does not mean much. How is mine different from yours? Or how can one claim that one's life is superior to that of another's? It's not, perhaps, sensible (if i can use the word) to compare two varied lives, as at the end it all boils down to one recognizable pattern. I use the word 'pattern' specifically as we are readied to fill in different roles. Unless we perceive and express our roles as something else. On having written the previous sentence, the 'other' pattern that is woven cannot be very delineating. That's if i don't want to spend my youth and the rest of my life somewhere deep in the mountains. Here the colours in between are not filled in. Maybe, my choice of the word 'colours' is not apt, for we view the same thing from dissimilar angles.

On the contrary, there's obviously something which does draw a demarcation between your life and mine. The happiness and sorrow, the love and affection, the various kinds which determine our behavior; those things personal to us. Can we actually discern these things? What's makes our lives worth living? What is that zing which pep up things? What is it which adds the glitter to the 'pattern'? Is it that unconditional love shared between close ones, is it the beautiful orange-red sunset that we get to witness, moments. Each one of us have our special moments, don't we? It does end in that familiar 'pattern, doesn't it??

I personally, want to think otherwise; i live a life comprised of things unlike those that make up yours. That's quite unthinkable, isn't it?

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