Tuesday, August 11, 2009

net'wormed' channels

Reality shows, how did they start and how will it end? With a marriage arranged just for the fun of it and then a divorce, perhaps? Or can we have a 'real' contest when one can slam each other, fist fights included, venting out one's anger? Whoever invented these reality shows, and the new definition that term takes.

Stupid and sickening. Big time, if you ask me. Wait; wow! These shows grab TRP ratings like crazy, and suddenly everybody is talking about the latest question that Rakhi Sawant asks her beau. What the ....!

Who is Rakhi Sawant and why does she concern us? And what's so special about her svayamvara that makes people watch the program?? These failed miserable actors (who lack acting skills, looks...) couldn't really get a better job. They are drawn into 'entertainment programs', where they are paid huge amounts of money to host and participate in a pathetic program. It's quite an easy way to earn, you see. But, the notable clause here is that, such pitiable shows involve such deplorable individuals themselves.

Apart from such shows being conceptualized and thought about; are network channels so helpless that they flock to reality shows blindly. Such is the situation that views, facts personal and sacred to me are made public just because of a super-duper stupid show. Marital secrets are marital secrets, period. What has a show like 'Such Ka Samna? to do with it, what do they want to convey to the general public? Whatever happened to common sense! Does a third person care if somebody else's tender relationships go sour?

And to think of established agencies like NDTV bring out something like this. With the same network broadcasting news on another channel. they really 'imagine', don't they? Talking about Star, they had lost their presence of mind quite some time ago. When will this end? Perhaps, when insanity reaches a deplorable high, when nobody can stand it? Do we have to still have to wait for the shameful bubble to burst?? What has invaded network channels?

Worse, what has come over the general population? For them to watch these shows. When will we view them in the light of apathy and scorn!!


The 'Ekaangi' said...

Very well written post!

Ms.Hegde said...

That's why it's called a stupid box filled with so many channels...
It was really a great BOX when there was only one Doordarshan...

Shiv said...


Reality shows are pop-corn events that it didn't take time for Indian TV to import the concepts from other countries.

This rakhi-swaymwara show was lifted from a US reality shows - Bachelorotte. The original ones are still horrible and I'm sure when they try to Indianise they would have messed it up.

But as you mentioned, its unfortunate that all that the TVs has to offer is some cheap entertainment like this. But I guess TRP is what they care about.

It brings eternal question...
Is it that TV provides what viewers want to watch ? Or is it Viewer like it as it is in TV?

Srik said...

Very strong array of words... Yes, the reality shows are 'really' p'ity'ful on the part of the viewers. The time, money and energy of every viewer is disrespected so much that it angers people like mouna to the core... is understandable. I am equally angered at the programmes like Such ka Samna and the like. It is in deed of no one's business to protrude one's f***ed up life!! It is entirely his...and his own.

Let the common sense prevail.

mouna said...

they simply lift shows. worse the titles are also the same. if good shows were to be copied, that would have made some sense. unfortunately, the bad programmes are copied too.