Saturday, August 08, 2009

active in class

One more from the MCC days.

We had physical chemistry as one of the papers, and we had this lady called Mrs. C who came in to teach regular physical like thermodynamics, kinetics, the like. She stressed on definitions and equations so much so that one could phase out of her lecture for a few minutes. And she would still continue on the same after you came back to Chem. We used the time. Each one of us were found in our own worlds, some slept, others discussed the latest movie, a novel that one had read the previous night, stories on lecturers, their kids.

The one thing that i really regularly did was to read books during classes. I carried novels to my college depending on the lecturers whose classes were assigned on that particular day. I opened my novel whenever i had the time, when using stairs (we had to change classrooms between periods), during the bus journeys to and fro from college to my house, and in on-going classes. Especially when attendance was being called, in language classes and in Zoology classes. There were times, when i was so into a novel that i took the wrong stairs, or entered the wrong classroom. Somebody had to shake me hard, make me see reality and guide me to the correct classroom.

In the final sem, we had two consecutive Zoo classes scheduled after lunch. And we ran in early to occupy the last benches as they were in demand. As usual, most of never paid attention to what was being taught in class. We had a textbook and we conveniently sweared by it. We have two-three lecturers from the concerned department, whose classes were fun. The biotech girls were there to provide entertainment, they were too good at it. What i did mostly was read novels. At other times, i drew diagrams in my Zoo record. There have been quite a few times when i have escaped by a whisker.

We used to read novels when seated in the second row, with the first row empty. There was one instant, when this girl in the first/second row was caught reading in class, oblivious to what was being taught in class. The lecturer, i guess, was tired of our nonchalant nature and asked her, 'Don't you get time to read the novel in your house?' Obviously, we stopped our other activities and listened to that particular hour. We were back to it the next class.


Shiv said...

So is the book reading still happening in Mysore college :)

mouna said...

ya right!! but i slept more than i read in mysore :D