Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I miss the Biochemistry Dept., MGM !!

As i explained to my Prof. Mysore according to me mainly consisted of the Biochemistry Department of Manasagangothri.

I miss the classrooms where we hosted parties, fabulous ones at that. Parties that i'll remember for a life time. Parties where we realized what sharing actually meant, creating a ruckus, shouting till our throats go sore, dancing like crazy to dhol in sarees. i miss the organizing bit, where we blew balloons (and burst them), decked classrooms with glitter paper, painted paper and ourselves, discussing menus. Our parties were one-of-its-kind in the University. No other Department celebrated like us. I think they envied us.

I miss the tiny quadrangle we have, where some of us used to feed fish, or dip the hand into water filled algae filled water (i never did that), laughed with the Profs around the fish-pond, ate bread toasts and drank tea or coccum juice to quench our thirst. Or shouted wildly until somebody told us to shut ourselves (they did this very politely).Where we celebrated Independence Day, Kannada Rajyotsava, Republic Day, Ayudha Puje, Deepawali, Ganesha Habba and what not.

I miss the front porch where we sat for hours together at times simply because we had no work. Where we posed for group photographs in neat rows. Where we waited for the rain to stop so that we could drive back to our rooms. Where bike keys and helmets were snatched to ensure that a friend stays back, blackmailing them. Blackmailing went on regularly.

Downs (i don't think it has another name), is located to the right of the road which leads to SJCE. Where we bought innumerable number of alu parathas, fried rices, vegetable pulaos, masala teas, packs and packs of biscuits, fruit candies and chocolates. It was our destination when we had to something to be photocopied. While we chit-chatted for hours while on the wait. It was the place where we spent our prize money on samosas.

I miss the students' lab, where we performed experiments. Or pretended to do so. What was played was Antyakshari, sometimes for hours together. Where we heard the dare-devil adventures from my friend. Where we heard each others past and future.

I miss lunchtimes, when we sought each and every box we saw. We literally fought for food, we used to grab chapathis, spoons and lunch boxes and disappear, and reappear saying that the chapathis and tomato palya was delicious. Some of us actually hid in the computer room and ate akkirottis and puliyogre. For the home-made food that hostelers got when they visited home. For water, which was always in short supply. One thing which we really fought for was food.

I miss sessions of seminars, us occupying the last row most times, and whispering in the dark while seminars were given. Instead of listening to seminars, we ate food, ate chocolates, one of us used to carry a candy ( only one 50 paise candy, we actually used to break it into tiny bits and each of us got a bit), listened to songs, saw videos on the mobile phone, slept contentedly, read novels. We mainly attended colloquiums for the snacks which were distributed after them.

It was raining terribly in Mysuru, during my exams. And the rain stopped after i left the town.

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Srik said...

So, You are nostalgic now. If you open one post that you did 2 years ago, you hated that place so much... for its boring life style and old fashioned people! Times change, and opinions do too.