Friday, July 10, 2009

I've been wearing something on my ears since yesterday. This change in me makes me finger it every now and then, to get a feel of it. Or to get a glimpse of myself, every time i pass the mirror.

I hardly wear something on my ears, unless some occasion demands it. Thus, most times, my ear remains undecorated. Many people who know me, have enquired about it's absence. I've never given it much importance, and i think i never will, if my life proceeds in the same fashion as i'm leading it presently. ( I hope i've not spoken too soon).

They wonder about the craziness in me to opt for this abnormality. Perhaps, it's just my style or i'm too busy for it (this is the reason that i quip when asked). I don't have to do something just because somebody else does it, or because the society expects me to do so. Call me rude or arrogant. I've been called both, as i don't heed a third person's advice, unless really necessary.

It shouldn't matter a lot. Really.

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