Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The ' feel good factor'. Does it signify that committing mistakes, feeling low, portraying joy on one's face, having tiny eyes due to the lack of sleep, being irritated, screaming at somebody; all of it is a part of life. Bearing all of it on our shoulders is necessary. To keep up the spirit of life, something of that sort.

And what is that wonderful sense of goodness obtained when we see, listen to or read something of this sort? Does it impact us by implying that all of it is common, and we are not the only suffering souls. Suffering in what context and to the degree to which the word is applicable.

They are many "firsts" in life, they say. It again, depends on what one wants to categorise as first. If at all the mind takes the first into consideration. Many "firsts" go unnoticed.

Isn't the human mind prejudiced? According to one's convenience.

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