Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a bird, set free

Darkness ascended like a pleasant shroud. A dense shroud that blanketed all sources of light. That vanquished the outlines of nearby buildings, all in a sudden. Until the eyes got used to the various shades of gray splattered in front of it. From light gray to solid gray which appeared seemingly black.

Eyelids fluttered. The decision to close them or not was contemplated upon. For a few minutes. Complete darkness would do some good. Tied hair was let loose, and the head rested on a pillow. A stream of thoughts flew, one after another; some fed by memory, others by imagination. Laughs were heard, whispers were spoken and listened to. When thoughts were released as a string of words.

Silence ruled the environs for quite some time. Until the eyelids slid back, allowing eyes to visualise things.

A bird flew in the gray sky. The wings made beautiful movements. As if no thrust existed in the atmosphere, as if no pressure was felt. It circumscribed a certain radius, and descended slowly. Net, a pair of crocodiles moved towards each other, snarling with angry grunts. The sounds were provided by the ever-imaginative mind. Only, the engrossed could hear it.

Flowers blossomed, peacocks romped around, water flowed. Every movement was performed with grace. Lasting for a very brief period of time, when another took position.

The hand which created everything grew tired, after the fingers darted in the air, now and then.

The wall which acquired a perfect backdrop for the wild birds, flowers, faded. Shadows merged with each other.

Light beamed into the area through an open door. The loose hair was next observed in the presence of illumination.

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