Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm officially into my 4th Semester M.Sc.

Classes haven't yet begun, but my 3rd Sem exams are over, so the official statement. Irrespective of the results, of course.

One thing, i can't believe is this: 4th Sem and so quickly. Time does fly. I was telling this to a friend who simply shrugged in reply. 4th sem! Those words still impress me.

This thought crossed my mind. I never thought it would, though. I did think of closing my blog a couple of times. Despite a contradiction to the same within a few seconds. Me, blogging, is a rare event. And i believe that it turn obsolete in a few months time. But, to shut down something that once was a piece of my mind is considered an unforgivable act if you'd ask me.

Who would want to read an article which is posted once in a blue moon? I've been told otherwise. I don't know.

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praneshachar said...

congrats already you are in the last leg of your stay in mysooru time flies as they say time and tide waits for now. even now ememory is fresh from your posts when you just s0teeped into gangothri and struggling to settle .................. now it is almost over you are into last leg in the campus
all the best. wish yu all the best
may I hve your email id please mail me i want to share with you