Wednesday, December 24, 2008

red, green and grey

About a few months ago, a stray cat in our hostel gave birth to a litter to three kittens. These kittens were frisky, active. Nevertheless they were a pain, they used to enter rooms stealthily if the door was left open for more than a second. Coming across our path when we guys were in a hurry.

On the other hand, they looked adorable. Curling up in a corner to sleep, they piled upon each other. They found the front baskets, tyres very interesting. They played with the grid of the baskets. It looked awesome.

One night, my friend and I could hear loud cheeping. It was about half past seven, definitely not the time for a bird to hover around us. As those frail cheeps came our way, my roommate stepped out of the room to investigate. She called out to me immediately. I rushed out to find a kitten biting into the neck of a young parrot. We tried to scare away the kitten with a stick, but it held the bird in a very determined manner.

That was the first time, when i saw a parrot that close, a few centimetres away from my feet, with the canines of the kitten going deeper into the flesh of the bird. The bright green of the bird, perfectly contrasting with the redness of it's beak, against various shades of grey of the cat.

I felt numb for a minute. The scene was gory. A few moments later, i knew that the bird would be flying in paradise. Nature, in it's purest form.

Even if i wanted to do something, i couldn't. As somebody once told me, 'Mouna, you can't go against the laws of Nature.'

May the parrot rest in peace.



Sometimes the law of the nature sucks and the feeling of 'being nothing' in front of the mother nature, is even more miserable. No one can help it. :-(

praneshachar said...

yes it is law of nature and survival of the fittest. post carries your sense of committment life of animals yes wild life also to be part and parcel as long as poaching and hunting are not on and prevented it is fine. such natural things will go on as per natures desire
post touched my heart my your narration.keep going