Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Is life an equaliser? For any good that occurs to us, is there an equivalent negative?

I've started to think in the affirmative. I don't know whether it's best on my part to do so. But i can't help thinking this way. On the other hand, can only positive events happen in the life of a person? Or can only bad occurrences take place?

Equivalent; perhaps yes. But why? To make sure that we take in both the good and the bad on the same stride? Or to enjoy the goodness with joy after a brief spell of harshness??

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praneshachar said...

life is not bed of roses you have to take things as they come and yes bitterness sweet sour all will be there. It will not be same proportion to each it differs. If one sees the life thro and always comapare with less fortunate than you then you will understand u r very fortunate to have a job have house, have near and dear so on so forth.
no one is guranteed a life of 200 years. we life for average of 70-80 years, with logivity increaing in india too, but people fight for so many things, forgetting nothing is carried when you breath your last. what you leave is your deeds and works done.
everyone fights as if they are going to here on this world for ages. life is short make it sweet.
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