Thursday, January 22, 2009


I visited Strand yesterday to buy a couple of books. That was the first time i'd been there. I was allowed to indulge in my favourite pastime. Despite, me having books which have gathered dust, since i bought them.

It had been ages since i bought nice books, thought i. I was later reminded, that i had bought Satyajit Ray in the middle of last year. When i glanced at those many titles yesterday, i suddenly wanted to buy everything that my eyes saw, Family Matters-Rohington Mistry, Jim Corbett, Sarat Chandra Chatopadhyay, Baumgartner's Bombay-Anita Desai.....This happens whenever i buy books. It is highly impossible, this i know.

'home' was one of the two books that i finally decided on.


-Manju Kapoor

Random House India


It talks about a family and its three generations. An Indian traditional family. The daughters-in-law vying for money and supremacy. Going through those pages, I felt i was watching a typical soap on television. It concentrates, according to me, on the eldest daughter-in-law-Sona, who is childless for ten years, and then bears fruit. The attention then shifts to her daughter - Nisha. Who settles in life after having experienced much sorrow.

While selecting this one, i thought there must something exceptional in this. It is ordinary time-pass stuff. To skip this is perfectly fine. But the narrative is pretty ok. the reading proceeds unhindered.

A good book is that which would want a second reading. 'The Village by the Sea' by Anita Desai, is better when compared to 'home', if you ask me.

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praneshachar said...

nice to see you among books it is something keeps you away from all thins if u r into it have great holidays with books. when will ur 4th sem begins. have a fun filled successful stay and 4th sem