Saturday, November 15, 2008

discovery of the 'naughty and the mischevious'

When i was speaking to my parents yesterday, i stopped them in the middle. And asked them to wish me since it was Children's Day yesterday. And I made it a point to wish my sister and friends too. So what if i'm past my twenties? I'm still a child to my parents. You are a child to your parents, too; irrespective of your age.

Children are often termed naughty and mischevious. These adjectives are sometimes so very inappropriate. Childhood, expecially those early phases include many discoveries. A discovery that on wetting your clothes, the kid tends to catch a cold, to discover chillies are hot, and sugar is sweet. To hear tapping music and nodding one's head according to it. And the best part is this, they do not comprehend why a certain effect is observed on performing this specific act.
Surely, this cannot be classified as naughty and mischevious.

Being naughty and mischevious is something else. To have a glint of mischief in one's eye, according to me, is to pull a prank on somebody else, already having known that it is a trick. Young kids do not understand it at all. Well, one might say that primary school kids might get naughty at times, splashing water on others, knowing that it's quite not right to do so.

Kids make these small discoveries. It would be difficult to acknowledge the presence of a candle near you. Only upon drawing a finger close to the flame, can we feel the heat. How else will these millions of small, essential facts get embedded into their minds? I'm sure, most of us have pulled our fingers away from a flame after having it burnt to a small extent.

Happy Children's Day to All!!


The 'Ekaangi' said...

One thing i learnt after looking at my nephew Arya is ... never ever underestimate kids. U think they dont understand a word that U speak ... but he observes every single thing we do and he derives conclusions out of them. So, he know what to do exactly when he needs something. I dont completely buy the fact that kids dont get naughty or mischevious ... they really do sometimes. Becoz they do it intentionally. Arya exactly knows that it irritates me a lot when he sits with crossed legs in front of me ... he repeatedly does that just because he knows i'L scream at him and he can have a hearty laugh. And he's less than 2 years. They are extremely naughty & mischevious Mouna ... extremely!

praneshachar said...

whether children realise or not for parents they are children s for ever and ever irrespective of age. they wish good of their children day in and day out. for them everyday is their children s day and they only think about them.
good thinking from mouna as always something different. have belated childrens day wishes. have a great time as child until u r a parent. still you r a child for your elders
all the best