Tuesday, November 11, 2008

missing out on something

She is in her hometown now. Her temporary place of stay misses her quite a bit. The department, those friends, faculty - everybody will miss out on something. Something, very insignificant. At the same time, they'll send her messages saying that they miss her. They miss out on her energy and voice.


The 'Ekaangi' said...

The old city remains silent now ... U can hear the sound of the leaves rustle when the wind blows ... you could never hear that when she was there ... you can hear your voice echo in Crawford Hall ... the pillars still stand strong inspite of the deafening sounds vibrating through them whenever she was there ... perhaps those pillars miss her too ... the silence is killing!!!

Srik said...

I was wondering why Bangalore is behaving cranky since a few days.... I got an answer just now :-)

Have a wonderful 'study' holidays.

praneshachar said...

see yourself the change in you, this has happened because you have stepped out and now u understnad the importance of others too you were home sick when u landed there now u mysorsick...... after some time you will be sick something else so it is all part of life and enjoy your holdays and get back to study and complete the course.
I appreciate you u put all your thoughts without hesitation and thats great. kudos to you for that