Wednesday, October 29, 2008

red mud

The trees spread out like a fan near the bank of the river. I guess, the river was pretty wide and deep to be called one. Moreover it had lots of water in it considering the good Monsoons that the region experienced this season.

The water took a pale blue colour with a hint of green; while the sky assumed a paler shade of blue, more of white and less of blue. Trees whose green leaves framed the panorama on the sides. Deep brick red earth lined the bottom, while the upper edge led into the sky and the beyond. Who knew what lay there?! For an instant, she thought she was visiting a desolate area where even time was still. Somewhere in the mountains. Not a single blade of grass appeared to wave.

As she walked to the edge of the water, she noticed boulders of black rock, doting the fringe of the water. Removing the footwear that protected her feet, she splashed her feet into the water. And the water was cool. Moving her feet up and down in a not-so-rhythmmic manner, she made tiny droplets of water to fall on the placid surface. Ripples were observed here and there. Some big, some small. Eventually, the water turned red-brown in colour, courtsey; red mud which was typical of the place.

Acknowledging that the water had touched her senses, she walked back to higher ground. Pebbles, pieces of dry grass, fine sand adorned her foot. On sitting down she started cleaning her foot, from ankle down, getting the redness out of her pink feet.

At that instant, she was called for. Softly for the first time, the tone grew stronger as somebody called out to her repeatedly. She searched for that person, amidst the crowd that had gathered on the back of the river. Her friends who sat beside her.


This dream stopped here, while the next one began.

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