Tuesday, October 28, 2008

you rich guys...

Along with the daily Business Standard, we get a monthly(?) called SPEND (i think that's correct). It talks about spending money in a very flamboyant fashion stressing on the latest perfumes from Paris, chic clothes from Milan, bags from New York sold in metros across India.

I used to enjoy leafing through it, glancing at glossy pictures featuring those high-end things. More importantly, i liked the texture of the paper. Thick, dense and smooth, i could sense the space it occupied when a sheet was held inbetween two fingers. It was apt for the rich and famous, far far away from us. Was not even worth dreaming.

Now, i see some people spending money like water. Man never says enough, that's another trait. But, who would want to buy a mobile phone empowered with fancy ribbons of technology for over 20,000/30,000 rupees. My jaws just drop down on me hearing that kind of cash. For a cell phone. One can as well better things with the same amount.

Those attachments does enable one to do many things within a short span of time, but nevertheless printed paper is solid money. At times, i too cringe looking at them, but i stop myself then and there. Yes, i've started yearning for something expensive, but it's not like spending lumpsome amounts on objects that catch my fancy.

Why did it all have to happen? While i pay Rs. 7 for a ticket to travel from Lalbagh West Gate to Corporation, a 5 minute ride on the bus. I always ask this, 'You rich guys, can i be given just 1%-10%? I'll live my life happily henceforth'.


Srik said...

That is what everyone asking... Give me 1%-10%!!

Living happily is living with what we have... quiet a philosophical thought.

Guys spending on luxury mobile mite think it not wise to invest on a travel. People liking to travel mite feel it insecure to procure more gold. Those loving gold mite feel useless thinking of electronic goods; people buying more sites/houses mite think otherwise when offered to buy an air ticket.. etc... Its quiet relative in those terms.

If I like something, I'd give my life to own it... and that everyone think alike!! Some luxury becomes a necessity over time. And being rich doesnt always help. Being an aspirant alone doesnt help too.. An aspirant working to procure it will solve the problem.

Yeah recently these Govt companies have started thinking of profits...thats a dangerous development, what the hell KSRTC has to do with 1000Crore turnover? It has to suffice with better quality service to every quarter of the society. Where are we heading!!

The 'Ekaangi' said...

Let 'em spend Mouna ... it improves the national economy ... seriously ... it does! Oh Yeah ... I loved skimming through 'Spend' ... it always made U wish fr having the money to spend it on all that stuff. The mobile phones tht U r talkin abt ... thats crap ... i mean at 20,000 or 30,000 ... u'L get hundreds of features ... but ultimately, apart frm the basic stuff like phone and music ... u generally use nothin else! In America ... i see how much everything is wasted ... to the core ... frm paper to energy to materials ... money is splurged on everything. Today ... they are in a terrible situation yet they refuse to blame their own policies. Its weird ... how a piece of paper can blind U so much!

praneshachar said...

If you get that 1 or 10% from someone all your peace and life you are enjoying now will go u will become greedy to amass wealth so I have now 1 cr let me double it and make it double digit triple digit so on and in the process loose your peace, sleep, health and earn only wealth what u do with it you can eat what u want ( doctors has advised strict diet no salt,sugar,oil .................etc., etc.,
happiness comes to you when u enjoy your stay here that you can do when you are not greedy and satisfied with what u have why u look up with rich and richer guys look down who are much much below you and be happy and thank god for what he has given you and enjoy your life peacefully
have a peaceful and healthy life ahead where u are the master and you decide what u want and not your security personnel