Sunday, September 21, 2008

those hands

Her hand looked beautiful. Those fingers seemed perfect. Tiny and pink, with creases to mark the area where the skin folded over. Each finger appeared so full of blood. Short and plump. The nails were quite hard, considering her age. In total contrast with the pliant nature of the surrounding flesh. Those projections composed of dead cells were pretty long too. When they jammed against the skin, one could feel a slight sensation. Minute entities, and yet they can be sensed.

The fingers were held in a tight fist. What gave them that fierce power. Perhaps, it is the natural position of each finger....Does anybody know?

She was wrapped tightly in light airy cotton material. To maintain the warmth that was entitled to. Hadn't she spent a long period of time in her mother's womb? The hands and legs were placed properly before wrapping her up. There was absolutely no opportunity for her to move those fingers by a centimeter, leave alone fidgeting.

Maybe a pair of hands can bring good luck. It brings in happiness, of course! When growing begins and endues. A long time, for the baby is just a few days old.


The 'Ekaangi' said...

This was what i felt exactly whn Arya came into this world. I was so scared to touch him ... his skin was like cotton ... but he was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen ...

Srik said...

Congratulations on the arrival of a bundle of happiness.

Kadalabal said...

very nicely narrated the arrival of a innocent life into existence the best part of a human being u don't know any thing no emotions a cute smile on the face chubby cheeks and for any parent it is a great moment.let the 21 days old bloosom into a beautiful human being with a very tender heart as it is now and have comassion for fellow human beings love nature love motherland and love ur parents and family may god bless the new born