Sunday, August 03, 2008

living in style

Father says that one needs to be chic. He's been saying this since recent years. And i've observed it from the past few weeks.

He substantiated it quite reasonably. Be it of any age, an individual needs style. It incorporates enthusiasm and vigor in one. Be it with regard to food, clothes, shoes, spectacles, watches.....
I refuted his statement, initially. Later, it appeared fine. Anyways, we do/wear these things. And we can as well choose the better ones.

At the same time, one looses interest in this exercise. Especially, when one begins staying alone. I follow it. I force myself to pick another pair of pants, when my hand automatically goes the same old pair of jeans. Perhaps, at that point of time, one lacks the zeal. And it cannot be thought that one's lost touch with living in style.


chethan said...

i guess its broadly about 'quality of living' - being tasteful with things and actions.

mouna said...

that sums it up better :)