Wednesday, August 06, 2008

to live is expensive

Why has medicine become so expensive?

I was/am appalled at the amount of cash that the doctor pocketed every day. More than Rs. 5,000 per day. I can easily pass 2 months with that kind of money. What does she do with so much cash in her pocket? Build a luxurious house, travel in a splendid car, travel around the world, live life like a queen.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, i frankly don't want to spend my life that way. Even if i had all the money in the world. Yes, i do seek luxury sometimes, demanding branded stuff. At the same time, i know when to stop yearning for all those 'best' things in life.

So what if i'm am diagnosed with a medical condition? It doesn't mean that i have to submit valuable currency across the table. For the doctor to become rich day by day, and me pitiable. It's plain simple, i can't afford that money. Why should i? If the cost is reasonable enough, well and good. But, when the price reaches the sky, it's incredulous. If the rich can pay. let them. It does not mean that everybody else does the same. Somebody from the middle-class cannot shell out so much.

Can we please have some government policy which limits doctors from overcharging their patients in terms of consultation fee?

And we talk about providing free medical treatment to the poor in our country, for tuberculosis AIDS, Hepatitis. I, now appreciate the government(despite their fallacies). With every small thing coming in at a very high cost, it's quite extolling when we hear about schemes like this.

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Srik said...

Inspite of generating over a lakh doctors every year, India, has a very huge number of people dieing of not getting the timely and proper medical facilities.

Irony lies in the fact that doctors are considered Gods here! "Vaidhyo Narayano Harihi"!