Wednesday, July 30, 2008

breaking free from streamlines

All of us are made to believe in a certain fashion. In a particular mode. And fortunately most of our beliefs are accounted for. There are solid reasons behind everything(well almost).

However, this setup numbs us. Incapacitates us into something that allows thoughts to progress along a set of rules, only. Perhaps, that is the work of nature.

But, i tend to cognize that this judgement lies in each individual. To trust or not to. The sky is azure blue only when i correlate the name blue with that specific shade. Some of us have tried to read names of colours written in any other tone, than that actual one. It is tricky, i agree. Those who can do the job easily are termed intellects. While the rest of us remain just-about-intelligent or not-so-intelligent.

It's hackneyed, on one side of the coin. Though things seem to be utterly confounded on the other side. If to digress the mind in different arenas be called brilliance, then all of us have to break free(to a very small amount in the least) from what's been inculcated to us since birth.
Irony, isn't it?

Tactfully enough, most of us do diverge. To develop our own views, to raise children in ways we prefer, to live in a different city, wearing jeans when somebody in the family shirks away. Some of us are laid back, let the world go by, we'll just sit and watch. Are we?

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