Thursday, August 14, 2008

chethan bhagat-insubstantial reading

I've read Chethan Bhagat. Not the latest one, but two of his earlier works. I picked it up, i guess, beacuse people were talking about him. That his writing was good, it had youthful charisma integrated.

In the recent past, his third book was released. And i had people asking me, whether i had read it. I never felt the need to read his writing. Really.

His narration didn't capture my interest. The eloquence was absent. And the stories were too trite. To recall such experiences is fine. It's fun to do that, add some extravagance to it and narrate it out to a group of friends. But, to make a novel out of something like that, and to sell thousnads of the same, is pretty far-fecthed according to me.

Call me old-fashioned if you want. His stories lack that zing which add to the beauty of the novel. Nevertheless, he is a huge hit.


The 'Ekaangi' said...

Thank God I have company ! I always wondered why Chetan was a hit ! I've read his books and its fine.... but i write such stuff too.... but even my own brother refuses to read it ! I dunno.... maybe its the marketing, or coz the story revolved around IIT, or the timing or whatever... but he did well. Its jus a book i'L read, toss it, and forget about it.

Shashikiran said...

Very honest, forthright comments!