Sunday, August 10, 2008

being different: definately yes!

It is important to be a little different from the rest of the crowd. Not too outlandish. Perhaps, too such an extent that one recognizes herself/himself to possess different tastes. I don't know how it would matter to a second person. But, being varied helps. Perhaps, one's identity is created at the same time. Without her/his knowledge.

Somehow, most of us are inculcated with this strange habit. It's left to us to appreciate or not. Depending on whether it pleases us, and to what extent. Surprisingly, one section of is not the same as another community.

Imagine, if we were the same, without a variation, how jaded our lives would have been. It would have let us be provincial too, restricting us from being open-minded. Everybody dressed in the same shade of blue for an occasion. The same tune for every song. Listening to it would drive us mad. It definately does not sound pragmatic.

Thanks to providence for the superfluous variety that abounds by us.


Srik said...


My friends criticize, even to this day for watching an 'art' movie all alone, in the hostel's TV room, that was aired on DD then. We all invariably started watching it together, but they all dropped off at a slight chance as early as possible!

Ms.Hegde said...

True...I think being different lifts up self- esteem too...

mouna said...

but, i'm sure u would have enjoyed it, alva??

ms hegde,
guess so...