Tuesday, July 22, 2008

three men...-comedy

'Three Men In a Boat' was introduced to us in school(high school). I still remember the excerpt which focused on packing things. And i guess, we found it funny then.

Frankly, this book is deliberated to be hilarious, but i would like to term it a light comedy. It sure makes you smile at places. With ideas going in opposite directions, with justification provided.

The protagonists well-described. Three Men in a boat(with a pet dog) holiday on a boat. Their varied takes on different things, and each one's presence of mind, thoughts form the plot. I could say, the storyline is pretty meandering. If one would want to read a thriller, this is obviously not your cup of tea. On the other hand, the grammer is good. I really liked it. Just like the old style of English, with a particular room coloured in a specific colour by each character.

It'd definately fine, if you would like to read some good English when you've got leisure time in your hands.

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