Thursday, July 24, 2008

where are the raindrops?

I was really pleased about five years ago. If i'm right, that's when Bengaluru stopped expecting power-cuts in summer. Wow! This is it, though i. Possibly i could use all the favorable positive-sounding adjectives the. I was overcome by pride(i still am).

Far from that scene, today we are in dire need of electricity. With an almost failure of monsoons, it's very lucid, isn't it? For a country that attributes it's agricultural patterns to the seasonal rains.

It's fantastic to fathom the profundity of the monsoons. Perhaps, that's the reason i love it. Of course, the natural scheme has deviated. A scene when a farmer views the azure blue sky for a trace of water can move anybody.

Now it's to long hours of darkness. With the faint glow of a lamp casting yellow lights in a few corners. We are cornered. Incredible or credible, you choose.

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Srik said...

Yeah. Global warming is acting up and affecting the regular season-cycle. This is quiet an alarming thing for human society.

Coming to electrcity, we need an awareness of saving the power when available to use. When in full volte, we burn lights, fans etc even when they are not needed, and blame theGovt when they dont provide electricity in a crisis situation.

Lets see if Rain Gods show some mercy upon us, and shower on us with their warmth and love.