Sunday, July 20, 2008

What do we do when things happen suddenly, not to our liking?

Imagine, we are are pretty happy with the way things are proceeding. And, all of a sudden, disappointment shows up. Perhaps, expected results do not appear. We feel dejected, to say the least.

God knows why things take place this way! Even when we have put in the little what we could. I don't know it happens. This tends me to believe in that illusion called luck. I adamantly refused to trust in it. I still deny it. I so want to. Perhaps, i'd like to be solely responsible for those that occur in my path. Feel quite gay, when things occur to my satisfaction, and maybe, correct(/slander) myself when i fail miserably.

When i do know, that maybe, i deserve a little better, i'd like it to be within my reach.

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