Sunday, July 06, 2008

partners in crime

A good friend of mine travelled to Australia for further studies. Though, the last one year saw us hardly see each other in person, we often spoke on the phone. For long hours into the night. Driving away my longing for home for that night and the following day.

We've had great moments together. Something that both of us cherish for a long time to come. I should say that i improved my slang when in her company. Perfect partners in yapping, talking gibberish most of the time. That was what we did. About studies, MCC, cooking, our realisation of womanhood, future aspects, books, movies, grape candy at the canteen, music, tears, laughter, about guys both old and young who tried to impress us at Chalukya. Not to forget, Di and S classified me according to the rules of Zoology in Zoo lab(I was shocked to say the least, while the others' enjoyed it immensely). She pulling my leg requesting me to take part in her petty sneaky crimes, asking me to be a little more lazy in life.

Father calls us perfect companions. S, you know, i'll miss you.

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Srik said...

Life's like that... If you have any doubts of it, wait for a couple of years more.