Wednesday, July 09, 2008

my Bengalooru

We all know how big Bengalooru is, and the pace at which it's growing, the thousands of people who come to this city in search of a livelihood and all that. Well, i jad just heard of this from a third person.

But, to actually become aware of the plethora who throng Bengalooru is mind-blowing. I was taken aback. Really. When talking on the same subject at home, M and father told me that the craze has lessened to quite some extent.

That got me pondering. What made/makes this city so attractive?
1. The IT/BT boom is significant.
2. Pleasant weather.
3. Educational institutions

With the cost of living hitting the roof, we still have people pouring in. Wow!


Srik said...

Bengalooru.... is charming, and safe too [:)] The bomb blasts have proved it again... Rains dampen the spirits of terror mongers! Long live Bengalooru.

I am deeply shocked to see Bengalooru too getting bombed... where is the power of it gone?!!

Which Main? What Cross? said...

All ofthe above I think. It's Bangalore's time now.

mouna said...

i, too was shocked. aadre life continued as normal.

wmwc(can i call u this way?),
maybe. but we wouldn't want b'lore to become another calcutta, right?