Saturday, July 05, 2008

a stream by the mountains

We travelled from Darjeeling to Gangtok, in Tata Sumos. These four-wheelers are used pretty extensively in this region.

The road winds around the mountainside beside the Teesta. Roads are constructed so that each minute spent on that road allows one to intake amazing sights of the steep cliffs and the thin stream of water gurgling below. That's when i fell in love with the Teesta. Then, for a short
period of time. But, much cherished, of course.

The water there, is blue-grey in colour, and very cold to sense. It's perfect. The lush green of the hills, the blue-grey of the water, the brown of loose sand, including the tarred road that peeps in and out. Every time the road deviated form the riverside, i waited for the next moment when i could catch sight of the river.

I liked the sound of the word: Teesta. I was an ignorant fool not to find out the meaning behind it's name. I was told that it joins the Ganga at some place. Perhaps, it originates at the melting of a glacier, quite typical of any river arising in the Himalayas. It's ten long years since i've observed the river. Hope it has remained in it's pristine form. Wishful thinking when the world around us is sinking.


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