Friday, July 11, 2008

a beautiful dark

The window in my room opens into an inky-blue sky. Almost black, one could say. On seeing something really dark, we readily term it as black. Which is not correct. It's a deeper shade of ink-blue, however depth you might want to assign the colour.

It's fantastic, this. Ethereal, you could say. On switching off the lights in my room, the window shows a lit image. Where one can discern the various entities with ease. Paradoxical, very. Our surroundings contrast themselves within a flicker of a second.

Darkness around me also helps soothe my eyes. Not into sleep, but into something very inexplicable. Unless a mosquito buzzes beside my ears. And i thrash empty air, until i'm satisfied that the act served it's purpose. Only to find the pest haunt me with renewed energy. A pleasant relaxed sense overcomes the thoughts. Pushing the latter into nothingness. That's when the mind thinks of nothing. Nothing at all.

Unexplainably, a tune is heard being hummed. A favourite song is heard by me. Uttered by the very same lips that had gone mum till then. It's another wonder, how words flow in a particular manner. Pausing at one, breaking off at the other.

Consequently, a high state is attained. A sense of exhilaration. Overwhelming!

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