Sunday, July 13, 2008


The manner in which the mind, the intellect functions is simply too good. The fashion in which our thoughts connect to give an appropriate answer to various things is really amazing. I've never pondered on this as much as i do now.

We all generalize it to be inherent, the capacity to process our ideas and the like. It is. It seems ethereal(well almost), the solutions we come up with. Something links something, and we come up with a result(be it right or wrong). It's beyond our means to understand what that something is, but we do know that an answer is sought after.

When, in my fifth semester B.Sc., we had this paper on Plant Microbiology(or something related to that). I was struggling with a 2-mark question. Well, i had never heard of it, and was judging the pros and cons of writing on a particular aspect. I remember, Robin Cook danced in front of me, then. His medical thrillers made me think of baffling things on that single question. I came out having provided the wrong answer. What appalled me was that thread which sought unimaginable ideas, one after another. I, then, swore that i'll never ever read Cook again(which was obviously broken within a short period of time).

Most times, somehow, i've realized that the mind provides an almost correct answer. How is this, that precise views rush into our conscious mind, when a question is put forward? How is it that i'm able to talk of things, when i've not heard of it, and yet, i arrive at it on comparison?
I guess, it's called logic, in short. A super-quick phenomenon which spans pico/nanoseconds of time.

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