Tuesday, July 15, 2008

our songs...

This seems pretty finicky. Well, we all are finicky and Indian filmdom is too. So it shouldn't matter.

We all know, that dance sequences in our songs are exceptional. some people go forward to really make unforgettable visuals. We are shown mountains, cliffs, ravines, rivers, cities, rooms... etc etc. And we also are aware of the side people which match steps with the male and female actor. This number varies. What's happening in songs these days, is we've got white people taking these places.

No, i've got nothing against these people. Bless them! They are taught Bollywood dance, and i've read that they generally enjoy it. It's entertaining to see a fair face, with pink cheeks, wearing a ghaghra choli(which is to be decollete, inexplicably, of course). Men wearing bright sherwanis, jumping to the heavy dhols of punjabi music.

Every other song, these days(every song) in Hindi cinema have these gora folks doing quite a jig. Notably, these guys show more skin around. In fact, only skin during these cameos, when we have our hero singing before a set-up mike.

While, mother understandably exclaims. How ghastly today's cinema is!

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