Friday, June 13, 2008

a wet dewdrop

It glistened in the warm rays of the sun. If a hand were to touch it's nest, it quivered. Like, it would fall onto the dry ground within a blink of the eye.

It was amongst hundreds of them found on leaves, tender or dry, green or brown. The harsh rays of the sun couldn't yet dislodge it from it's hiding place. This particular plant stood under the shade of a broad tree. Thus, some amount of time had to elapse before the sun could reach it.
Leaves, the size of a child's palm, of the tree, protected the young shoot from bright sunlight, torrential rains and speedy gales. Moreover, the shoot was still young, waiting to grow.

As time passes, the others' disappeared into thin air. By what they call as 'evaporation'. It was granted more time by Nature, as it lay on one of the lower leaves. More time was required, and was available.

A little girl ran in it's direction, as the sun began it's mount A ball had fallen by the leaf on which it lay. Two small hands rummaged amidst the leaves and stems in search of it. A cry of joy was heard as the object was found.

The dewdrop was brushed aside, while the ball was picked. The former collected in the central vein, ran down till the tip of the leaf. Where it appeared a perfect sphere. That which reflected light. Making one assume that something precious was sighted upon. An outstretched palm came to the dewdrop's rescue. Only after the dewdrop wet a tiny area of loose sand, located right under the leaf.

Eyelids shut, in disappointment and in happiness.

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