Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm waiting for it to rain. It rained heavily in Bengalooru when i was in Mysooru. Not that it didn't rain in Mysooru. I was banned from getting wet.

Now, that i have the time and the energy to get soaked, the heavens are yet to open up. In fact, i sense the heat that surrounds me.

Another thing that i noticed is the days are becoming longer. The sun can be observed at about 5:30 in the morning if not earlier. And the sun sets later than 7 in the evening. I was then, explained that the summer solstice is soon approaching. Until then we witness days which progressively becomes longer and longer, till the 21st of June.

It's raining hard in coastal Karnataka. So hard that it is impossible to step out of the house. I know that the same does not happen here. Nevertheless , i'm eager.

PS: I understand that it's boring to read of the rain everytime. But the monsoon has begun again.


Sundar said...

rains are always fun, only complaint is we dont get a vacation to enjoy the rainy season...

mouna said...

u need a vacation, is it?. ten mins in the rain, isn't it sufficient? ;)

Kadalabal said...

rain rain and rain welcome again
it is a annual feature and you will welcome monsoon with all concern you will have pre monsoon rains post monsoon rains etc. etc.
In today context rains are very imortant not only for agriculature even for basic drinking etc., as water belts are drying up and you are looking for rains to fill the gound water tables nice one
enjoy in rain and get cold and ammana baigalu