Thursday, June 12, 2008

they ask me to chat!

Off late, people have been asking me to talk.

I was taken aback, really!

When i sit with friends for a chat, after a meal, or for a cup of tea in the evening, people say, 'You talk, we'll listen.' That gives me the impetus to go on and further on.

Now, that i'm home, i'm requested to cut short on my chit-chat. Which, by-the-way is usual. I still go non-stop, at full speed. Until somebody looks blank in the face. That's when, i am to understand that i've to repeat the entire stretch, slowly. Hence, the intangible mop of words, acquire some meaning.

When will i get this straight?!


Sundar said...

is it sarcasm that you call urself mouna when u go on non-stop full speed? :D

mouna said...

sarcasm,or irony- i don't know. something that'll be asked of me, whenever i come across a person. i guess.

Kadalabal said...

Very fact they ask you to chat shows your talks are liked and have got stuff, liking and disliking in individuals decision and perspective how he looks at things anyone talks.
own people who are around will definitely ask you stop as they can u hear u any time. the very fact that u have moved from loneliness to friendliness will indicate your strength of talk and the contents.
your own people will miss u when u r away. definitely they are worst affected when u move out as the whole house becomes so silent if one who always talks is not in house.
everybody can not talk with sense and depth so it is a great asset you nourish it.