Tuesday, June 24, 2008

weddings and me

I was busy in a wedding since 3 days. Busy, meaning, deck up, walk around, yap, run around, play/chat with B... and everything else. It's tiring, and i was quite exhausted at the end of it.

I found weddings boring (it's the same now). I never know what the purohit chants (why?), what the bride and the bridegroom does (why?). It's all a big issue, the fine details of which are something that are not understood by me. Call me an ignorant fool, if you want.

On the other hand, i should say, i was looking forward to it. It's been quite some time since i met cousins, and talked rubbish, laughed crazily with them. I thought i missed put on a lot of fun, as i study in a different city. But, in a way, it's good. I would've liked to do this kind-of-a-thing than chit-chat with cousins on a weekly basis. I wouldn't have anything to speak with them, then. Atleast, now, i assume i have something to share with people.

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Kadalabal said...

marraiges and other functions are where you meet lots near and dear. you get into old relatives, young additions, people whom you have not met for years so on and so forth. it is nice and one should have time to be there amidst our busy schedules. If you are there for full time then u will meet all if u r visiting only part say morning marriage or evening receiption then it is different. for people working it is place where lot of ex colleagues are met. for food lovers it is great fun and feast. life is like that and functions will being lot of energy back by meeting so many acquaintances.
happy you had 3 days of time spent with cousins and talked to so many B..................s
get more opportunities and enjoy